Competition rules

Associazione Ensemble Serenissima of Sacile (Pordenone, Italy), in collaboration with Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia Publishing House, announces the seventh edition of the international symphonic composition competition "7th INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION PRIZE – SEM 2022”. The winning composition will be performed by the XXVI FVG International Music Meeting Orchestra during the final orchestra concert, which will take place in 2022 and it will be published by Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia publishing house.



The competition is open to musicians of all nationalities with no age limit.




The submitted compositions, for symphonic orchestra without soloists, must never have been (either entirely or partially): published, awarded in other competitions, performed in public concerts, distributed via the web, broadcasted by radio and / or television, nor recorded for commercial use.

Submitted must be scored for an orchestra. The instrumentation must consist of not more than the following instruments:

2 flutes (one of them can also be a piccolo);

2 oboes (one of them can also be a English horn);

2 clarinets (one of them can also be a bass clarinet);

2 bassoons (one of them can also be a contrabassoon);

2 horns;

2 trumpets;



strings (violins I and II, violas, cellos, basses).

It is not essential to use the entire instrumentation organic.

PA System is not permitted. The duration of the composition must range from 4 (four) to 7 (seven) minutes.

On the title page of the composition will appear:

- Composer’s name and surname,

- Composition title,

- Composition duration

Compositions that do not meet the above requirements will be excluded from the competition.

The composers consider that the orchestra entrusted with the performance will not be a stable orchestra, but rather an ensemble formed mostly by the participants in the International Music Meeting specialization courses: young musicians, technically trained but with an orchestral experience that is just acquiring. It is therefore invited to reasonably contain the degree of difficulty of the compositions, so that the execution can concentrate on the musical and expressive intentions of the composer.




The scores and all documents listed in art. 5, must be sent exclusively by email and must be received no later than by midnight of the 30th April 2022 (computer's time and date will be proof of dispatch) to the following email address:

specifying “With reference to the 7th International Composition Prize SEM 2022”.

It can be sent via:




Participation in the competition is subject to the payment - by bank transfer - of a registration fee (non-refundable) of € 50.00.

The IBAN number is: 

IT52T0835664990000000010900 - BCC  Pordenonese – Branch Sacile (Italy).  


Headed to: Associazione Ensemble Serenissima

Viale Zancanaro, 10

33077 Sacile (PN) – Italy

specifying 7th International Composition Prize SEM 2022.

It is possible to pay via PayPal to the account.

Each participant can compete for more than one work by making a specific registration for each work and by paying the related registration fee.




The documents necessary to register must be sent via e-mail within the terms indicated in the art. 3. They must include: 

1) Registration form in JPG or PDF format, duly completed and signed (the form can be found at the bottom of the competition announcement or can be downloaded from the official website and from the Association's website

2) Receipt of the payment of the registration fee for the competition, in JPG or PDF format

3) Score in PDF format: participants must present a complete score, drawn up with a computer program and perfectly legible (under penalty of exclusion from the competition at the discretion of the Selection Committee)

4) Copy of a valid identity document or passport, in JPG or PDF format

5) Recent photo of the participant (for any printing uses) in JPG or PDF format. 

6) A short curriculum vitae in Italian and or English in PDF format. 

Upon completion, in an optional form, participants can also send: 

- a Midi simulation in MP3 Format which will only be a complementary support for the Jury, considering that the judgment will be based exclusively on reading the score (recommended);

 - a short description (in PDF format) relating to the work, written in Italian and/or English

The outcome of the competition will be announced by June 16th 2022

The winner (and / or the author of a piece eventually indicated to perform) will have to provide for the realization and sending, exclusively by e-mail, of all the orchestra material (all parts of the individual instruments in PDF format) by the deadline of 7 July 2022.

If, for any reason, the winner and / or any reported ones fail to comply with this deadline (or the material is incomplete or graphically incompatible with normal professional use) they will lose all rights to the prize amount.




The Jury will be chaired by maestro Daniele Zanettovich and made up of eminent personalities from the world of music and contemporary composition at the international level. The composition of the Jury will be announced on the competition website after the deadline for submitting the application form. The Jury's decisions are final and unappealable .

It reserves the right not to award the prize if none of the works is considered worthy. 

The Jury, with its unquestionable judgment, can also report one or more works.

 If a member of the Jury identifies one of the participants in the competition as a relative (within the IV degree) or a student with whom he / she has had teaching relationships in the two years preceding the expiry of the notice, he / she must explicitly declare it and abstain from any evaluation related to the score in question.



Art. 7 - AWARDS

The contest winner will receive:

Euro two thousand five hundred (€ 2.500), gross of taxes (the Prize may be divided between more than one participants);

- a certificate;

- the performance of the composition during the final orchestra concert which will close the 26th edition of the FVG International Music Meeting;

- the publication by Pizzicato Verlag Helvetia Publishing house. Those who are bound by an exclusive contract with a Publishing House will have to produce a specific release form.

The work can also be recorded audio/video and can be included in the Festival’s live CD and DVD. 

The Jury has the right to mention other scores (art. 6) that, even if they are not winners, could be performed during the final orchestra concert which will close the 26th edition of the FVG International Music Meeting. They should also be recorded (audio and video) and included in the Festival’s live CD and DVD. The authors of the reported compositions will receive a certificate.

Concurrently with the publication of the results on the competition website, the composers declared winners (or the authors of a score indicated for Honorable Mention) will be notified by email.




Nothing will be due by the Competition Organization for the complete orchestral parts and their use in occasions related to the event. The composer of the winning work agrees to the work’s recording (television, radio and audio) and to its posting on websites, without any extra cost to the Associazione Ensemble Serenissima. The Association will have the ownership of the materials, it being understood that the author will keep the copyright. So the Association may use it also in other concerts - sponsored by the Association - free of charge. 

In accordance with article 13 of the GDPR 2016/679 (E.U. General Data Protection Regulation) and article 13 of the Italian D.Lgs 196/2003 we inform you that personal data provided by participants will be used solely for the purposes of the competition.




The Associazione Ensemble Serenissima disclaims any liability in case of failure or incorrect reception of registration documents caused by their transmission via any means and for any reason. Within the limits of its ability, the Organization will try to inform each candidate should the documentation be incomplete or illegible. 

The organization disclaims any liability in the event of a breach of copyright by competitors.




Participation in the "7th International Composition Prize SEM 2022" implies the unconditional acceptance by the participant of all the rules established by the competition announcement.




The organization reserves the right to make - at any time - changes to this regulation, giving immediate notice of it on the official website and on the Association's website

In the event of disputes, the only legally valid text will be the announcement in Italian, complete with 11 (eleven) articles. The exclusive competent Court will be in Pordenone