The evaluation phase for the scores for the "9th International Composition Prize SEM 2024" has been completed.

The international jury, composed of DANIELE ZANETTOVICH (President - Italy), GILBERTO BOSCO (Italy), DIMITRI CERVO (Brazil), FERRER FERRÁN (Spain), DONALD SOSIN (USA), after careful evaluation, in-depth examination and reciprocal exchanges of opinions and observations, despite having appreciated the good level of the works, decided by a majority to "not award the First Prize".

He unanimously decided to award an Honourable Mention with performance to the score:


LA MANDRAGOLA OVERTURE by Claudio Ferrara (Italy)


The piece will be performed during the symphonic concert of the XXVIII FVG International Music Meeting on 27 July 2024 in Sacile, Teatro Zancanaro.

Ensemble Serenissima extends its sincere thanks to all those who participated in the competition and to the international jury for their hard work and professionalism.

See you next edition in 2025!

CLAUDIO FERRARA (1990) - Honourable mention

Claudio Ferrara was born in Santiago de Chile on 6 April 1990. In the USA he attended the school course 'Music Theory and Composition', and on his return to Italy he obtained a diploma in Composition at the Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Rome. At the same conservatory, he also obtained a Bachelor's degree in 'Maestro Collaboratore al Pianoforte' and a two-year specialisation course in 'Vocal and Sacred Repertoire Direction', both with top marks and honours. He studied jazz at the Saint Louis School of Music in Rome, and singing under the guidance of countertenor Mario Bassani. As a cantor, he has been a member of numerous Roman choral ensembles and has several commercial recordings to his credit (Brilliant Classics and Edizioni Paoline) as well as being a founding member and first tenor of 'Prima Prattica Ensemble', a vocal quintet specialising in the Renaissance repertoire. As an orchestra and choir conductor, he has performed on various occasions. These include conducting the Youth String Orchestra of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory at the Christmas Concert of the Chamber of Deputies on 20 December 2020. For his main activity, i.e. that of composer, he has received numerous awards: he has currently collected dozens of prizes and honourable mentions in national and international competitions (Guido d'Arezzo, Seghizzi, Turoldo, Bobbio Sacra, Preveza, Vincenzo Amato, Alma Dantis, etc.), counting him among the most recognised emerging composers on the Italian choral scene. His works are frequently performed in Italy and abroad in public concerts and choral singing competitions (one of his pieces, 'Occhi Miei Lassi' on a text by Petrarch is a compulsory piece for mixed choirs participating in the 'Guido d'Arezzo' International Choral Singing Competition 2022) and he is the recipient of numerous commissions for the creation of new choral music, including 'La Supplica' written for the Italian Youth Choir and performed in its world premiere at the Terme Diocleziane in Rome.His works are published by various publishing houses (Sonitus, Feniarco, ArcoPu, Diaphonia, Aldebaran Editions...) and he is often invited as a juror in composition competitions.