High Patronage of the European Parliament

With particular satisfaction, the Serenissima Ensemble Association announces that also for year the XXIV FVG International Music Meeting and in particular the symphonic concert of the Meeting Orchestra in which the award ceremony of the "5th International Composition Prize SEM 2020" received the High Patronage of the European Parliament.


On April 22nd, President David Maria Sassoli sent a personal letter to the headquarters of the Association with which he approved the High Patronage of the European Parliament. This patronage is granted every year to a limited number of quality events that are not for profit and have a clear European dimension.

Through this concession, the European Parliament adheres to the event as an institutional partner, providing its moral support (not material).


The declaration by the President of the European Union rewards the work done over the years and repays us for the great commitment that lies behind the organization of the FVG International Music Meeting. It is the demonstration that it is an important event of undoubted value and cultural interest in Italy and in Europe.


We thank President Sassoli for the acknowledgment granted and for the words of appreciation addressed to the event.


Now we just have to continue to work hard to continue with professionalism in the articulated and varied path of initiatives thanks to which we have achieved the important result.

We continue to believe that only by working with passion and tenacity will it be possible to achieve important goals.